Anthony Richardson’s film, albeit limited, doesn’t lie. There’s supernova talent and plays waiting for the Colts

Anthony Richardson’s film may be limited, but it doesn’t deceive – Colts have a wealth of talent and exciting plays in store. Anthony Richardson, a quarterback with limited experience in college and the NFL, has shown remarkable size, athleticism, and arm talent. Despite being labeled a project, Richardson’s abilities on the field suggest he is … Read more

‘Stress and failure’: Matthew Barney on his film about the sports accident that traumatised America

Matthew Barney discusses his film on the sports accident that deeply impacted America: ‘Stress and Failure’ Matthew Barney, known for his provocative and maximalist art featuring themes of sex, violence, and excrement, is hailed as a genius in the art world. His work, such as the Cremaster Cycle and the film River of Fundament, challenges … Read more

The Blind Side and Hollywood’s blind spot – podcast

Podcast Episode Explores “The Blind Side” and Hollywood’s Overlook American football player Michael Oher has filed a lawsuit against the Tuohy family, who took him in when he was 17, claiming they duped him into a conservatorship that allowed them to make business deals on his behalf. Oher was uncomfortable with how his life story … Read more