Washington has built up run game, staff, defense in preparation for drafting a QB

Washington has developed a strong running game, coaching staff, and defense in preparation for selecting a quarterback John Keim covers the Washington Commanders for ESPN and is optimistic about the team’s future. The Commanders struggled last season due to a weak defense and lack of emphasis on the run game. With the second overall pick … Read more

How Chiefs built the elite defense that forged their path to Super Bowl LVIII

The Chiefs’ Path to Super Bowl LVIII: Building an Elite Defense Kansas City Chiefs reporter Ben Arthur discussed the improvement of the defense since their last Super Bowl appearance, highlighting a young and talented roster. Their defensive players, both from the draft and free agency, were key in the team’s dominance. The Chiefs have made … Read more

The Blind Side’s white savior tale was always built on shaky ground

In late 2009 I was sent to Baltimore for a Sports Illustrated feature story on Michael Oher, a rare household name among NFL offensive linemen. Oher was a few months into his rookie year and on the brink of a critical showdown against the Indianapolis Colts. In the book version of The Blind Side, which … Read more