NFL making it more difficult for teams to turn down appearing on ‘Hard Knocks’

NFL Implements New Rules to Increase Pressure on Teams to Participate in ‘Hard Knocks’ NFL owners voted on several rule changes at their annual league meeting in Orlando, Florida, including banning the hip-drop tackle and altering the kickoff format. They also changed the rules for the HBO docuseries “Hard Knocks,” expanding the pool of prospective … Read more

NFL coach apologises after appearing to praise 9/11 hijackers in team meeting

NFL coach issues apology after seeming to praise 9/11 hijackers during team meeting Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has apologized for comments made in a team meeting that appeared to praise the 9/11 hijackers. He regretted the ill-judged comment and emphasized the importance of the event in American history. McDermott, in his seventh season … Read more

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes outsmarts the NFL by appearing in beer commercial that’s not technically about beer

Getty Images When it comes to making commercials, NFL players are allowed to endorse almost anything. However, there is one major product that they’re not allowed to endorse and that’s beer.  The NFL has a rule in place that prohibits active players from directly endorsing beer, which means they’re not allowed to do any beer … Read more