Cowboys mailbag: Questions on contract negotiations, veteran additions and roster holes

Cowboys Mailbag: Answering Your Questions on Contract Negotiations, Veteran Signings, and Roster Gaps Contract negotiations between Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb are at a standstill, with no talks of new deals as of now. The Cowboys may need to focus on adding more players at the 3-tech position on the defensive line. While veterans at … Read more

Bears finish second in offseason additions according to a new projection model

New projection model ranks Bears as second in offseason acquisitions The Bears finished second in offseason additions, according to a new projection model by The Athletic. They were ranked behind the Falcons and have made positive additions like Allen, Everett, Shelton, and Swift. The model also accounts for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, where the … Read more

NFL free agency in review: Additions, subtractions and the current vibe of all 32 teams

Recapping NFL Free Agency: Roster Changes, Acquisitions, and Team Outlooks for all 32 Franchises The NFL free agency rush in 2024 saw hundreds of players receiving millions to move to new cities. Former Pro Bowl quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson made big moves. Marquee running backs switched teams, the offensive line market was active, … Read more