Blaine Gabbert: Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are both “maniacal perfectionists”

Blaine Gabbert signed in April to back up Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, after spending the last three years backing up Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. And after a couple of months working with Mahomes, Gabbert sees a lot of similarities to Brady.

Gabbert, who is now with his sixth NFL team and heading into his 13th season, said that Mahomes and Brady are unique in how hard they work at doing everything right in offseason work.

“They’re maniacal perfectionists,” Gabbert said. “And I mean that in the most endearing way possible. They’re the two best, in my opinion, ever to play the game. To see the similarities, how they operate in the meeting room, on the practice field. They’re completely different players, as we all know, but the way they approach the game, on and off the football field is the exact same.”

Brady retired as the greatest of all-time, but if there’s anyone who could one day unseat Brady for that title, it’s Mahomes. Their success is no accident.

Blaine Gabbert: Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are both “maniacal perfectionists” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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“Blaine Gabbert Identifies Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady as Devoted Perfectionists”

Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert has compared Patrick Mahomes to Tom Brady, who he backed up in Tampa Bay for three years. He said the two players are “maniacal perfectionists” who work incredibly hard in the offseason to do everything right. Gabbert added that while Mahomes and Brady have different playing styles, they approach the game in the same way both on and off the field. Both players are considered among the best to ever play the game, with Brady widely regarded as the greatest of all time.

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