The block that could have won 49ers SB LVIII | The Carton Show

“The Block that Almost Led the 49ers to Victory in Super Bowl LVIII | The Carton Show” In a recent episode of the Carton Show, Craig Carton discusses with Willie Colon and David Jacoby the controversial block in the Super Bowl LVIII that could have potentially changed the outcome of the game. The block, if … Read more

Whatever Happens at the Super Bowl, She’s Already Won

No Matter What Happens at the Super Bowl, She’s Already a Winner Self-taught designer Ms. Juszczyk, known for creating custom Nike jackets for Taylor Swift and other celebrities, has positioned herself at the center of fashion trends like upcycling and customization. Despite potential trademark issues, the N.F.L. has granted her a license to use their … Read more

Super Bowl: Ranking top 25 NFL players who never won a ring, from Dan Marino to Randy Moss and more legends

Top 25 NFL Players Who Never Won a Super Bowl Ring: Dan Marino, Randy Moss, and Other Legends Ranking The NFL has many all-time great players who never won a Super Bowl despite their otherwise incredible careers. Some notable players include Cris Carter, Brian Urlacher, and Jack Youngblood, who all came close but never won … Read more