Tyreek Hill opens up about wanting Dolphins to rework his contract

Tyreek Hill expresses desire for Dolphins to renegotiate his contract Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins wide receiver, expressed a desire for a new contract during mandatory minicamp media availability. Following Justin Jefferson’s record deal with the Vikings, Hill’s agent had been in contact with the Dolphins about a contract rework. Hill acknowledged feeling like he should … Read more

Patrick Queen goes from wanting to fight Mike Tomlin to playing for him

Patrick Queen transitions from desiring to confront Mike Tomlin to becoming his player. Linebacker Patrick Queen, who recently signed with the Steelers after spending his entire career with the Ravens, admitted to not always having warm feelings towards Pittsburgh. He recalled a moment when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told him he wasn’t a true Raven … Read more

DJ Moore “definitely on record” as wanting Justin Fields to stay with Bears – Yahoo Sports

DJ Moore expresses strong desire for Justin Fields to remain with Bears – Yahoo Sports DJ Moore, a wide receiver for the Bears, is a strong supporter of Justin Fields remaining as the team’s quarterback. Moore praised Fields’ growth as a leader and player, citing his ability to put the team in a position to … Read more