Why today’s NFL QB’s are greatly under-appreciated | Zero Blitz – Yahoo Sports

“Examining the Lack of Recognition for Today’s NFL Quarterbacks | Zero Blitz – Yahoo Sports” Today’s NFL quarterbacks are greatly under-appreciated for the mental and physical demands of their position. The Zero Blitz advertisement highlights the challenges quarterbacks face, including avoiding blitzes, making split-second decisions, and managing a team’s offense. Despite these pressures, quarterbacks receive … Read more

Dan Marino wishes he could play in today’s NFL: “We’d throw for 6,000 yards”

Dan Marino longs for the opportunity to shine in the present-day NFL: “Imagining a Whopping 6,000 Passing Yards!” Dan Marino, who threw for a record 5,084 yards in 1984, believes that if he were playing in today’s more passing-friendly NFL, he could have thrown for 6,000 yards in a season. The current NFL record for … Read more