How Shanahan’s shocking early assessment of Purdy stunned Lynch – Yahoo Sports

Shanahan’s Surprising Early Evaluation of Purdy Shocks Lynch – Yahoo Sports San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s early assessment of quarterback Brock Purdy surprised general manager John Lynch. Shanahan’s blunt evaluation shocked Lynch, who had a high opinion of Purdy. Shanahan’s assessment highlights the uncertainty surrounding the 49ers’ quarterback situation. The team’s decision on … Read more

49ers overreactions: Can Shanahan’s play-calling be a liability? – Yahoo Sports

Is Shanahan’s Play-Calling a Liability for the 49ers? – Yahoo Sports The 49ers barely scraped by the Packers in the divisional round, and there are concerns about their performance. The play-calling by coach Kyle Shanahan is being questioned, with concerns that it may be as much of a liability as it is a strength. The … Read more

49ers QB Purdy living up to Shanahan’s ‘real deal’ label

49ers Quarterback Purdy Proving Himself as Shanahan’s ‘Real Deal’ 49ers’ quarterback Brock Purdy has lived up to head coach Kyle Shanahan’s high praise as a ‘real deal’ player. Purdy has had a record-setting season, leading the team to the NFC West title and the best record in the NFC. He has been mentioned in the … Read more