Steelers’ Art Rooney II discredits NFLPA report card after poor marks, prefers direct feedback from players

Steelers’ Art Rooney II rejects NFLPA report card, values direct player feedback over rankings The NFL Players Association released their annual report cards ranking teams on various aspects like facilities, food, family care, coaching, and ownership. The report is based on feedback from 1,706 players, with the Steelers owner dismissing the results. Pittsburgh Steelers received … Read more

Art Rooney II on Steelers’ offseason objective: Get better as quickly as possible

Art Rooney II Discusses Steelers’ Focus on Rapid Improvement in Offseason The Steelers have made significant changes this offseason, including signing Russell Wilson, trading for Justin Fields, and trading away Kenny Pickett. Owner Art Rooney II aims for immediate improvement and hopes to get better quickly. The focus in Pittsburgh is on improving now rather … Read more

Art Rooney II expresses confidence in Mike Tomlin, says Steelers have ‘had enough’ of losing in playoffs

Steelers President Art Rooney II expresses faith in Mike Tomlin, vows team is determined to end playoff losses Art Rooney II is confident that the Pittsburgh Steelers are building towards a successful season and he believes that head coach Mike Tomlin is the right person to lead the team. Despite Tomlin’s recent criticism, Rooney praises … Read more