Unveiling our 2024 NFL season projections: Predicting top teams, Super Bowl favorites

Revealing our predictions for the 2024 NFL season: Top teams and Super Bowl favorites The San Francisco 49ers are favored to win Super Bowl LIX according to ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) due to their quality and strength in the weaker NFC. The team’s offense, defense, and key players make them a top contender. The … Read more

Ravens win 11 games, repeat as AFC North champions in ESPN’s 2024 projections

Ravens Expected to Win 11 Games and Repeat as AFC North Champions in ESPN’s 2024 Projections ESPN’s Mike Clay released his NFL projections for the 2024 season, predicting the Baltimore Ravens to win their division with around 11 wins. The Ravens are projected to finish with the No. 3 seed in the AFC, behind the … Read more

Agent’s Take: 2024 NFL rookie contract projections for key Round 1 picks, with wage scale explainer

Agent’s Analysis: Projected 2024 NFL rookie contracts for top Round 1 picks, including breakdown of salary scales Several 2024 draft picks are signing their contracts ahead of rookie minicamps, with the Baltimore Ravens already locking in their picks. The rookie wage scale governs these deals, ensuring each player falls within a specific salary range based … Read more