49ers’ Jed York calls Brock Purdy’s upcoming extension a ‘good problem’

“49ers’ Jed York views Brock Purdy’s impending extension as a positive challenge” San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is currently one of the lowest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, but is expected to receive a major payday with an extension next offseason. Despite his low salary, Purdy’s performance on the field has been impressive, ranking among … Read more

Opinion | Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and the Right’s Abnormality Problem

Opinion | The Right’s Abnormality Problem with Taylor Swift and Donald Trump The author expresses concern that American liberalism faced a major defeat in 2024 due to progressive radicalism and a disconnected liberal establishment from American normalcy. However, adaptations within the center-left and conservatism’s inability to be normal, as well as its focus on celebrity … Read more

Why 49ers’ Shanahan believes Trevor Lawrence is ‘a problem’

Shanahan of the 49ers Thinks Trevor Lawrence is a Significant Challenge 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan believes that Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a problem for the team due to his talent and abilities. Lawrence, who has thrown for 1,935 yards and rushed for 216 yards this season, is seen as a threat with his size, … Read more