Opinion | What the News and the Pews Have in Common

The Similarities Between News and the Pews: An Opinion The author draws a parallel between the struggles of legacy media and the Protestant mainline, both of which have seen declines as newer, more personalized forms of media and religion have gained prominence. They cite examples such as Joe Rogan and Heather Cox Richardson, who have … Read more

Opinion | Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and the Right’s Abnormality Problem

Opinion | The Right’s Abnormality Problem with Taylor Swift and Donald Trump The author expresses concern that American liberalism faced a major defeat in 2024 due to progressive radicalism and a disconnected liberal establishment from American normalcy. However, adaptations within the center-left and conservatism’s inability to be normal, as well as its focus on celebrity … Read more

Opinion | Our Keepers of 2023

Opinion | Recognizing Our Guardians of 2023 The staff of Times Opinion shared experiences and cultural highlights that stuck with them in 2023, ranging from music, books, cooking, and art, to TikTok and internet memes. The editor found joy in connecting with her high school friends through Letterloop, while the columnist discovered an affordable and … Read more