Terrell Suggs will NOT be wearing the Bane mask for AFCCG vs. Chiefs

Terrell Suggs opts out of wearing Bane mask for AFCCG against Chiefs Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs wore a Bane mask from The Dark Knight Rises during a football game in 2016, but the team lost. He had previously worn the mask in 2014 during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which the Ravens won. … Read more

Individual player punishments mask our rotten relationship with gambling gods

Our flawed connection with gambling gods is concealed by individual player punishments. Newcastle United officials expressed dismay after Sandro Tonali received a 10-month ban for breaching Italian betting regulations. The ban comes amid an environment of increasing legal sports gambling in soccer worldwide, exemplified by Newcastle’s recent partnership with BetMGM and increasing sponsorship deals with … Read more