Dangerous ‘hip-drop’ tackles, kickoffs focus of NFL meetings in Orlando

NFL meetings in Orlando to address dangerous ‘hip-drop’ tackles and kickoffs The NFL will have its first meetings of the new season in Orlando, Florida, focusing on player safety and possible rule changes. One area of concern is the hip-drop tackle, which can lead to more injuries than traditional tackles. The league is also considering … Read more

The 2024 Super Bowl highlighted the irrelevance of kickoffs, but does the NFL have a better alternative?

“Exploring the NFL’s Alternative to Kickoffs: The 2024 Super Bowl Perspective” The Super Bowl LVIII had exciting plays involving the foot, with long field goals and a muffed punt. However, the kickoff itself was uneventful, as all 13 kickoffs resulted in touchbacks. The NFL changed the rules last offseason to reduce injuries on kickoffs, allowing … Read more