Ravens News 5/6: Rookie Impressions

Impressions of Ravens rookies on 5/6: – News The Baltimore Ravens’ rookie minicamp showcased early impressions of top draft picks Nate Wiggins and Roger Rosengarten, with coach John Harbaugh praising their potential contributions. Seventh-round pick Andrew Vorhees also made a strong return after missing last season with an injury. Cornerbacks Wiggins and T.J. Tampa are … Read more

31 first-round picks, 31 first impressions: Early observations of the 2023 class

Jun 19, 2023, 06:35 AM ET A few big-name NFL veterans stole the spotlight at mandatory minicamps by showing up, or not showing up, or delaying showing up. And it kept the news cycle humming. But we also asked our NFL Nation reporters to keep a close eye on their team’s first-round draft picks the … Read more

Five reasons why first impressions are so important at NFL rookie minicamps

The NFL offseason is officially underway, with the 2023 draft class making its mark in minicamps across the league. Although the rookie minicamps are a small piece of the offseason puzzle, they allow executives, scouts and coaches to look at the first-year players stepping into the league this season.  In addition, the rookie minicamps enable … Read more