‘Keon’s wearing my bracelet!’: Bills’ Coleman wears wristband mailed to him by young fan

Bill’s wide receiver, Coleman, spotted sporting wristband sent by young fan Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Keon Coleman received friendship bracelets from a 10-year-old fan named Logan Bittner. Logan and his family are season-ticket holders and make friendship bracelets to give to fans at training camp. Coleman wore the bracelets during a photo shoot, surprising … Read more

Buffalo Bills rookie Keon Coleman rocks friendship bracelet sent by young fan

Young fan sends friendship bracelet to Buffalo Bills rookie Keon Coleman, who appreciates gesture Buffalo Bills rookie Keon Coleman received a heartfelt letter and homemade friendship bracelets from a 10-year-old fan, Logan Bittner. Surprising everyone, Coleman wore the bracelets in his NFLPA Rookie Premiere photo shoot. The young fan, who has been attending training camp … Read more

Panthers owner David Tepper levied $300k fine for tossing drink at fan

David Tepper, owner of the Panthers, fined $300,000 for throwing drink at fan. Panthers owner David Tepper was fined $300,000 by the NFL for his behavior during his team’s loss to the Jaguars. Tepper was seen tossing liquid from his drink toward a fan, which the league deemed “unacceptable conduct.” Tepper took responsibility for his … Read more