Sunday Ticket trial pivots to battle of economic experts

Sunday Ticket trial shifts focus to dispute between economic experts Criminal trials focus on whether the defendant committed the crime, while civil trials also consider the financial harm caused. The ongoing NFL antitrust trial involves expert witnesses debating the financial losses resulting from the alleged antitrust violations in the Sunday Ticket distribution. Testimonies have varied, … Read more

NFL experts debate the 2024 draft: Best picks and biggest head-scratchers

Debate among NFL experts: Evaluating the top picks and most puzzling selections in the 2024 draft The 2024 NFL draft featured six quarterbacks and eight offensive tackles taken in Round 1, breaking records. Analysts shared their favorite picks, including Quinyon Mitchell to the Eagles and Rome Odunze to the Bears. The most head-scratching selection was … Read more

The best NFL comps of the 2024 draft class: We asked 14 experts for perfect matches on top prospects

We consulted with 14 experts to find the top NFL comparisons for the 2024 draft class’ best prospects With the 2024 NFL draft approaching, there are comparisons being made between prospects and past NFL stars based on style of play, physical measurements, production, versatility, and more. NFL analysts have suggested various prospect-player comparisons for this … Read more