Trent Brown expects to find a new home in free agency

Trent Brown anticipates securing a new team during free agency Trent Brown expects to leave the New England Patriots in free agency after playing three seasons with the team. Despite dealing with multiple injuries in 2023, Brown is now healthy and ready for the upcoming season. He has also previously played for the 49ers and … Read more

Tomlin: Fire has ‘intensified,’ expects extension

Tomlin anticipates an extension as fire intensifies Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed that he expects to receive a contract extension this offseason. After a walk-off during a post-game press conference, Tomlin admitted that he could have handled the situation better and acknowledged speculation about his future, but he denied considering taking a break. … Read more

What are the odds? DraftKings expects Ravens to sit players as they’re underdogs vs. Steelers

What are the chances? DraftKings predicts Ravens will rest players as they are projected to lose against Steelers In Week 17, DraftKings Sportsbook opened with a 3.5-point spread for the Ravens to defeat the Miami Dolphins, but the Ravens won with a crushing score of 56-19. However, in their upcoming game against the Steelers, the … Read more