Australia emerges as contender to host future NFL games

Australia is becoming a strong contender to host upcoming NFL games The NFL is considering Australia as a potential host for regular-season games starting in 2025. The league’s head of international affairs, Peter O’Reilly, mentioned Australia as one of the markets being discussed due to its strong NFL fan base, media partners, and global market … Read more

Clear betting favorite emerges to land Russell Wilson this offseason

Russell Wilson emerges as clear favorite for betting on where he will land this offseason The Pittsburgh Steelers are rumored to make a significant quarterback move this offseason, with the leading odds-on favorite to land Russell Wilson as their opening day quarterback in the 2024 season. Wilson is expected to leave the Denver Broncos due … Read more

A Jets Star Emerges, and Helps to Pull in Another

The diner resembled so many others peppering New Jersey. Garrett Wilson held high expectations as he climbed from an idling S.U.V. This was Sopranos country, after all, where bottomless menus and bustling service await every eager lunchtime patron. “You know it’s good if cops eat here,” Wilson said, motioning to a police vehicle stationed outside … Read more