NFL international expansion: League considering game in Middle East in addition to Australia, per report

NFL International Expansion: League Considering Holding Games in Middle East and Australia, According to Report The NFL is planning to expand its international presence beyond traditional locations like London. With the ability to schedule up to eight international regular season games per season starting in 2025, the league is considering new countries like Australia, Japan, … Read more

Australia emerges as contender to host future NFL games

Australia is becoming a strong contender to host upcoming NFL games The NFL is considering Australia as a potential host for regular-season games starting in 2025. The league’s head of international affairs, Peter O’Reilly, mentioned Australia as one of the markets being discussed due to its strong NFL fan base, media partners, and global market … Read more

NFL eyeing Australia for possible regular-season game that could happen as soon as 2025

NFL Considering Hosting Regular-Season Game in Australia as Early as 2025 The NFL is considering hosting a game in Australia in either 2025 or 2026, with the Melbourne Cricket Ground being a potential venue. There are logistical challenges due to the time difference between Australia and the U.S., but the NFL is working on solutions. … Read more