One book has the Dallas Cowboys hovering around double-digit wins in 2024

Book Predicts Dallas Cowboys to Win Double-Digit Games in 2024 Many Dallas Cowboys fans are concerned about the lackluster offseason and predict that the 2024 season will go poorly, given the franchise’s history. However, recent seasons have seen the team win 12 games each year, leading to some optimism for the upcoming season. ESPN Bet … Read more

Bills double-digit favorites over Steelers in Super Wild Card Weekend | First Things First

Steelers face double-digit underdog status against Bills in Super Wild Card Weekend | First Things First Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes, Chris Broussard, and Greg Jennings discuss the upcoming NFL playoff matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills. The video is part of Can’t Lose Weekend, a segment on “First Things First”. The discussion … Read more

2024 NFL playoffs: Early odds for Super Wild Card Weekend as Bills near double-digit favorite vs. Steelers

Bills Becoming Double-Digit Favorite as Early Odds for Super Wild Card Weekend in 2024 NFL Playoffs against Steelers Rise The 2023 regular season is over, and 14 teams are set to vie for the Lombardi Trophy in the playoffs. The Super Wild-Card Weekend will see the Ravens and 49ers off while the rest begin duking … Read more