Arthur Maulet has Steelers games circled on his calendar

Steelers games hold top priority on Arthur Maulet’s agenda Veteran slot cornerback Arthur Maulet joined the Baltimore Ravens for this year’s training camp after playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the past two seasons. Maulet initially didn’t want to leave the Steelers but a contract discrepancy led to his release request, which was granted. Last … Read more

Is Jets at Cowboys the biggest game circled on Skip’s calendar? | The Skip Bayless Show

Video Details Skip Bayless reveals whether his Dallas Cowboys squaring off against Aaron Rodgers and his new squad, the New York Jets, is the biggest game circled on his calendar. 2 HOURS AGO・the skip bayless show・2:05 Visit: Source link #Jets #Cowboys #biggest #game #circled #Skips #calendar #Skip #Bayless #Show Recap Is the Jets vs. Cowboys … Read more