NFL writer links Bears QB Justin Fields with AFC West team

NFL writer speculates about Bears quarterback Justin Fields potentially being traded to an AFC West team The Chicago Bears are struggling to trade quarterback Justin Fields, leading NFL writer Gilberto Manzano to suggest the Denver Broncos should make an offer following Russell Wilson’s departure. The Broncos have Jarrett Stidham as QB1 and lack a top-10 … Read more

BTB writer predictions for Thursday Night Football

Predictions from BTB Writers for Thursday Night Football The Cowboys are hosting the Seahawks in a Thursday Night Football game, with Seattle entering the game at 6-5. The Seahawks have struggled on offense with poor third-down performance, while the Cowboys are good at defending on third downs. Dallas is advised to exploit the Seahawks’ defense … Read more

NFL writer Peter King puts Steelers in playoffs

Steelers Secure Playoff Spot, Confirms NFL Writer Peter King Most NFL pundits believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers have improved and are one of the top teams in the AFC. However, many think that the tough competition in the AFC, especially in the AFC North, will prevent them from making the playoffs. But Peter King disagrees. … Read more