With Tyron Smith’s departure, Zack Martin is now the elder statesman of the Cowboys roster

Zack Martin becomes the veteran leader of the Cowboys after Tyron Smith’s departure Zack Martin joined the Cowboys in 2014 and is now the last remaining member of the strong offensive line trio. Despite being 33 years old, he is still one of the best guards in football. Martin has been a consistent presence on … Read more

Tyron Smith’s deal with the New York Jets is rather team friendly and that is frustrating

Tyron Smith’s contract with the New York Jets is advantageous for the team, which is disappointing. Tyron Smith officially signed with the New York Jets, leaving the Dallas Cowboys after being the longest-tenured member of the team. The deal includes $6.5 million guaranteed this year, with additional incentives making his cap hit $12.25 million. The … Read more

A man of few words, Tyron Smith spoke to thank Cowboys Nation

Tyron Smith, a man known for his brevity, addressed Cowboys Nation with gratitude. After 13 years of little speaking, Tyron Smith, a long-time player for the Dallas Cowboys, has decided to leave the team and join the New York Jets. His departure marks the end of an era for the Cowboys, as he has been … Read more