Justin Tucker shares thoughts and potential adjustments on new kickoff rules

Justin Tucker discusses impact of new kickoff rules and suggests potential adjustments Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has witnessed the decline of kickoffs in football due to safety concerns. However, with new rules approved for the upcoming season, kickoffs will be revitalized while still prioritizing player safety. Tucker views this as an exciting opportunity for … Read more

Packers TE Tucker Kraft doesn’t hold back while describing gruesome injury

Tucker Kraft, Packers TE, speaks openly about painful injury Green Bay Packers tight end Tucker Kraft is heading into his second season with high expectations but has been sidelined with a pectoral injury suffered while weightlifting. This adds to a string of pectoral injuries within the team, including head coach Matt LaFleur. Kraft, along with … Read more

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce curses out Ravens’ Justin Tucker for pregame incident

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce confronts Ravens’ Justin Tucker over pregame incident During a practice session, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s equipment was moved by Mahomes and Kelce. Mahomes asked Tucker to move his helmet, but didn’t do so, which led to the criticism by both Mahomes and Kelce. Both players accused Tucker of being disruptive and trying … Read more