Jason Kelce apologizes after suggesting Triple Crown winner Secretariat used performance-enhancing drugs

Jason Kelce apologizes for suggesting Triple Crown winner Secretariat used performance-enhancing drugs Former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce caused controversy when he suggested that Triple Crown winner Secretariat was on steroids during its historic run in 1973. This led to a response from the family that owned Secretariat, denying any doping allegations. Kelce later apologized … Read more

Ravens News 1/9: Triple Crown

“Ravens News Update: Triple Crown Achievement on 1/9” The Baltimore Ravens had a strong regular season, with standout moments from Tylan Wallace’s game-winning touchdown and Jadeveon Clowney’s impact as a free-agent signing. The team’s defense led the NFL in 31 takeaways, 60 sacks, and 16.5 points allowed per game. In the playoffs, the Ravens ranked … Read more

Oakland’s unprecedented triple exodus is a unique sporting tragedy

“The Unprecedented Triple Exodus: A Unique Sporting Tragedy in Oakland” The professional sports exodus from Oakland, California has been heartbreaking for the community. The Golden State Warriors moved to San Francisco in 2019, followed by the NFL’s Raiders relocating to Las Vegas in 2020. Most recently, Major League Baseball’s Athletics also finalized their move to … Read more