Jerry Rice ‘hot’ over son Brenden’s draft tumble

Jerry Rice pleased with son Brenden’s draft fall Jerry Rice’s son, Brenden Rice, was disappointed after falling to the seventh round in the 2024 NFL draft, despite being projected as a midround pick. His father, a Hall of Famer, was infuriated by this. However, Brenden is excited about joining the Chargers, especially after they traded … Read more

How T.O. plans on helping son Terique stand out as 49ers UDFA

T.O.’s strategy for elevating son Terique as a standout 49ers UDFA Terrell Owens plans to help his son Terique stand out as a UDFA for the 49ers. Terique has physical attributes that give him an advantage, including size, strength, and speed. With Terrell’s guidance, Terique is focusing on improving his route running and understanding of … Read more

Son drops lawsuit seeking to declare Houston Texans owner incapacitated

Son withdraws lawsuit seeking to declare Houston Texans owner incapacitated Robert Cary McNair Jr filed a lawsuit seeking to have his mother, Janice McNair, declared incapacitated, but the lawsuit was dropped by mutual agreement on Monday. Cary McNair’s attorney stated that the family made the decision to address the issues privately and that Cary McNair’s … Read more