Top 5 familiar faces on the Cowboys 2024 regular-season schedule

Top 5 recognizable opponents on the Cowboys’ 2024 regular-season schedule The NFL has released the full schedule for the Dallas Cowboys this season, including six nationally televised games. Notable former Cowboys players now on other teams include Cedrick Wilson, Noah Brown, Dalton Schultz, Amari Cooper, Dan Quinn, and Kellen Moore. Wilson and Brown have shown … Read more

Commanders HC Dan Quinn: Bobby Wagner is ‘all that I love about football’

Dan Quinn, Head Coach, praises Bobby Wagner as embodying everything he adores about football Linebacker Bobby Wagner has joined the Washington Commanders, reuniting with head coach Dan Quinn, his former defensive coordinator with the Seattle Seahawks. Quinn praises Wagner as a player who embodies everything he values in football. Wagner, a six-time All-Pro, had a … Read more