Lions take issue with officials after potential winning 2-point pass negated by penalty

Lions dispute officials’ call after potential game-winning 2-point pass is nullified by penalty Detroit coach Dan Campbell informed officials of a planned 2-point conversion play, but confusion arose during the game. Offensive lineman Taylor Decker caught a 2-point conversion pass, but officials ruled it invalid, and the Lions ended up losing the game. Contradicting explanations … Read more

Watch: Livid Lions HC Dan Campbell sounds off following controversial penalty on two-point play

” Livid Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Expresses Frustration Over Controversial Penalty on Two-Point Play in Interview” The Detroit Lions lost 20-19 to the Dallas Cowboys due to a controversial penalty on a two-point attempt, angering their head coach. Quarterback Jared Goff completed a pass to Taylor Decker, appearing to give the Lions a 21-20 … Read more

Sean McDermott: Substitution penalty was “inexcusable”

Sean McDermott: Substitution Infraction was “Unacceptable” Bills coach Sean McDermott is disappointed in the team’s loss on Monday night after a penalty cost them the lead. The Bills were called for illegal substitution, allowing the Broncos to score and win the game. McDermott revealed that the team had practiced the exact situation that led to … Read more