Prisco’s NFL conference championship picks: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs take road to Super Bowl; Lions-49ers tight

“Prisco’s Picks: Chiefs and Mahomes advance to Super Bowl, Lions and 49ers Face Close Match” The writer had a bad divisional round, going 1-3 with his picks. For the upcoming games, he predicts the Kansas City Chiefs will defeat the Baltimore Ravens with a final score of 28-26. He believes the Chiefs will advance to … Read more

2024 NFL playoff picks: Ravens top Chiefs in AFC Championship thriller, Lions-49ers goes down to wire in NFC

Exciting AFC and NFC Championship Games in 2024: Ravens Triumph over Chiefs, Lions and 49ers Battle to Wire An alleged conspiracy regarding the NFL Super Bowl and its predetermined winners is discussed. This is based on the colors of the Super Bowl logo, which purportedly indicate the teams that will play. The author concluded that … Read more