Le’Veon Bell plans to attempt an NFL comeback – Yahoo Sports

Le’Veon Bell set to make a comeback to the NFL – Yahoo Sports Le’Veon Bell wants to return to the NFL in 2024 after not playing since 2021. He posted a Snapchat video expressing his intention to come back and play only for one team, likely the Steelers. Bell was a standout player early in … Read more

Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley and the year the NFL running back position began to lose its power

“Running backs are expendable.”  Those words, recently spoken by my brother-in-law, stung me like a Clubber Lang punch to the stomach. I grew up in the 1990s, when the NFL’s biggest names were mostly running backs. Emmitt Smith won league and Super Bowl MVP in the same year. Barry Sanders shared league MVP honors with … Read more

Le’Veon Bell says he wants to retire with Steelers, but hopes to get one last shot in NFL

Six years ago, Le’Veon Bell was an All-Pro running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now 31, Bell is out of football and has lately been focusing on his career as a professional boxer. He said last fall that there was a “one-percent” chance that he would play football again after playing for four different teams … Read more