How a mediocre quarterback left a remarkable NFL legacy

The Unlikely Legacy of a Average Quarterback in the NFL Ben Baby covers the Cincinnati Bengals for ESPN, providing daily coverage on the team’s activities. Prior to joining ESPN in 2019, he worked for newspapers in Texas covering college sports. 78-year-old former quarterback Virgil Carter played a key role in the development of modern NFL … Read more

2024 NFL schedule: Every team’s number of prime-time games, including the one franchise left in the dark

2024 NFL Schedule Revealed: Prime-Time Games for Every Team, With One Franchise Without a Spotlight The 2024 NFL regular season schedule was released, with popular and successful teams like the Jets, 49ers, and Cowboys receiving the most prime-time games. The Cowboys lead with six, while nine teams have only two or one prime-time games. Notably, … Read more

Patriots see Caedan Wallace moving from Penn State right tackle to NFL left tackle

Caedan Wallace transitioning from Penn State right tackle to NFL left tackle impresses Patriots Rookie offensive tackle Caedan Wallace faces the challenge of earning the starting left tackle position in New England, having primarily played right tackle at Penn State. Wallace is expected to shift to the left side while incumbent right tackle Mike Onwenwu … Read more