Will Jared Goff’s extension impact Dak Prescott’s contract talks? | Speak

How will Jared Goff’s contract extension affect negotiations for Dak Prescott’s new deal? The Detroit Lions recently gave Jared Goff a lucrative contract extension, making him the second-highest paid quarterback in the league. However, the Dallas Cowboys have not yet resigned Dak Prescott. Analysts Emmanuel Acho and LeSean McCoy question if Goff’s extension will impact … Read more

Cowboys news: Jared Goff’s influence on Dak Prescott’s future contract

How Jared Goff’s impact could shape Dak Prescott’s upcoming contract negotiations in Cowboys news Jared Goff’s new contract with an average of $53 million per year has increased the price tag for Dak Prescott’s upcoming deal with the Cowboys. The extension gives Prescott even more leverage in negotiations, as waiting to sign a deal typically … Read more

Jared Goff extension coming in due time, no matter how far Lions’ beloved QB takes franchise this postseason

Detroit Lions planning to extend Jared Goff’s contract regardless of playoff performance The city and state of Michigan are buzzing with excitement over the Detroit Lions and their quarterback Jared Goff. Sources say there is mutual interest in a contract extension, with Goff wanting to stay with the Lions. Negotiations could lead to a new … Read more