Ignore the Russell Wilson noise with the Broncos. Focus on Sean Payton’s next move at QB

Disregard the Russell Wilson drama and shift attention to Sean Payton’s QB strategy Russell Wilson’s departure from the Denver Broncos seems inevitable, pending a decision from head coach Sean Payton. The focus at the NFL combine is on Payton’s delay in parting ways with Wilson, rather than on Wilson’s desire to stay. This decision hinges … Read more

Lamar Jackson shines, but don’t ignore Ravens’ defensive brilliance in win over Texans – Yahoo Sports

“Ravens’ Defensive Brilliance and Lamar Jackson’s Stellar Performance Lead Team to Victory Over Texans – Yahoo Sports” Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens secured a dominant 34-10 victory over the Houston Texans, with Jackson delivering a solid performance in the second half of the game. The Ravens defense also played a crucial role in the … Read more