49ers’ Trent Williams is the best LT of his generation. Is this his best chance at a ring?

Is this Trent Williams’ best opportunity to win a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers? Walter Jones, a Hall of Fame left tackle and an 11-time Pro Bowler, sees a younger version of himself in San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams. Williams, who idolized Jones and plays with a confident and swagger-filled approach, overcame … Read more

Roquan Smith has ‘brought the Ray Lewis juice back’ for this generation of Ravens

Roquan Smith embodies the same intensity as Ray Lewis for a new era of Ravens football Roquan Smith of the Baltimore Ravens has been praised by MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson for bringing back the “Ray Lewis juice” to the team, referencing the legendary linebacker’s leadership and aggression. Smith’s impact on the Ravens’ defense has been … Read more

Grading NFL’s next generation of QBs, Week 14: Will Levis shines in Titans’ epic comeback win vs. Dolphins

Evaluting the Latest Wave of NFL Quarterbacks, Week 14: Will Levis Impresses in Titans’ Dramatic Comeback Victory over Dolphins The Week 14 “Monday Night Football” featured rookie quarterbacks Will Levis and Tommy DeVito leading their teams to surprising wins. A total of eight first- or second-year quarterbacks qualified for this series. Each quarterback’s performance was … Read more