The Cowboys have picked up salary cap space by way of Michael Gallup’s post-June 1st designation

: The Cowboys gain salary cap space thanks to Michael Gallup’s post-June 1st designation The post-June 1st designation in the NFL allows teams to split dead cap space over two seasons, providing cap relief. Michael Gallup was released by the Dallas Cowboys with this designation, saving $9.5 million in 2024 but incurring an $8.7 million … Read more

Honoring one of the good guys: Top 10 plays from Michael Gallup’s time with the Cowboys

Celebrating a True Team Player: The Best 10 Plays of Michael Gallup’s Cowboys Career The Dallas Cowboys officially released Michael Gallup on Friday after a successful start to his career but a decline in performance due to injuries. Gallup had a strong impact in his first three seasons with over 2,457 yards, but only managed … Read more