Sunday Ticket litigation feature new fight over application of attorney-client privilege

New Legal Dispute Arises in Sunday Ticket Litigation: Attorney-Client Privilege at the Center The attorney-client privilege is a legal tool used to protect certain information in litigation, with the potential for abuse due to its power. In the Sunday Ticket antitrust class action lawsuit set for June 2024, the plaintiffs allege the NFL is hiding … Read more

Patrick Queen goes from wanting to fight Mike Tomlin to playing for him

Patrick Queen transitions from desiring to confront Mike Tomlin to becoming his player. Linebacker Patrick Queen, who recently signed with the Steelers after spending his entire career with the Ravens, admitted to not always having warm feelings towards Pittsburgh. He recalled a moment when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told him he wasn’t a true Raven … Read more

‘No excuse’: former NFL MVP Cam Newton sorry for role in Atlanta fight

‘Former NFL MVP Cam Newton Takes Responsibility for Role in Atlanta Fight: No Excuses’ Cam Newton expressed disappointment in himself for getting involved in a brief fight at a youth football tournament. The former NFL quarterback emphasized the importance of controlling emotions and apologized for setting a bad example. Newton, who runs the C1N football … Read more