49ers are top dog, Packers are scary, first overall pick race | Sunday Night Blitz

“49ers Lead the Pack as First Overall Pick Race Heats Up on Sunday Night Blitz” The Sunday Night Blitz advertisement highlights the top dog status of the 49ers and the scary reputation of the Packers. It also mentions the race for the first overall pick. #49ersTopDog #PackersScary #FirstOverallPickRace #SundayNightBlitz #NFLPlayoffs #FootballSunday #NFLShowdown #49ersvsPackers #TopDogVsScaryPackers #RaceToTheTopPick … Read more

Vikings’ Addison said he was driving at 140mph due to ‘dog emergency’

Minnesota Vikings first-round draft pick Jordan Addison told the state trooper who clocked him going 140mph in a 55mph zone last week that he was speeding because of an emergency involving his dog. The Associated Press has obtained an updated copy of the citation issued to Addison and filed with the St Paul city attorney. … Read more

Antonio Brown claims Bucs treated him ‘like a dog’, gives more details about why he ran off field vs. Jets

Back in January of 2022, NFL fans bore witness to one of the strangest things that ever happened on a football field. With his team trailing 24-10 in the third quarter, then-Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown stripped off his jersey and shoulder pads and ran off the field and back into the locker … Read more