Maxx Crosby wants to stay with Raiders for his entire career

Maxx Crosby hoping to remain a Raider for life Edge rusher Maxx Crosby, drafted by the Raiders in 2019, aspires to play his entire career with the team. He admires athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan who stayed with one team and achieved great success. Crosby values the challenges and hardships that come with … Read more

Raiders give Maxx Crosby a $7.2 million raise over the next 2 seasons

Raiders increase Maxx Crosby’s salary by $7.2 million in the next 2 years The Las Vegas Raiders are giving star pass rusher Maxx Crosby a $6 million raise this season and an additional $1.2 million next year, as part of a four-year extension worth about $95 million. Crosby, who has 52 sacks in the past … Read more

Sources: Raiders redo contract to reward Crosby

Sources: Raiders renegotiate contract to give Crosby a reward Paul Gutierrez is a reporter covering the Las Vegas Raiders for ESPN. He is actively involved in various aspects of sports journalism and has authored multiple books. The Las Vegas Raiders have given defensive end Maxx Crosby a $6 million raise for the upcoming season without … Read more