Cooper Beebe doesn’t have to play center to be a starter

Cooper Beebe proves he can start without playing center position Cooper Beebe was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of the 2024 NFL Draft to be their next starting center. Despite lacking experience in this position, Beebe’s versatility and skills make him a valuable asset for the team. He could potentially be … Read more

What did Eagles ultimately receive in Carson Wentz trade from 2021? Cooper DeJean pick completes massive haul

“Breaking down the Eagles’ haul in the 2021 Carson Wentz trade: Cooper DeJean pick seals deal” The Philadelphia Eagles made a significant move by trading Carson Wentz, a franchise quarterback, to the Indianapolis Colts, setting the organization on a new path. The trade allowed them to acquire draft picks and players, including star wide receiver … Read more

Cowboys draft 2024: LB Edgerrin Cooper scouting report

Scouting Report: LB Edgerrin Cooper in Cowboys Draft 2024 Edgerrin Cooper is a linebacker from Texas A&M who has shown great potential as a future NFL player. He has a strong track record of production, elite speed and burst, good agility, and play recognition. However, he lacks strength and tends to over-pursue plays, which could … Read more