2024 NFL Mock Draft from ex-NFL GM, two-time Super Bowl champ

Former NFL GM and two-time Super Bowl champion releases 2024 NFL Mock Draft The mock draft predicts the top 20 picks in the upcoming NFL draft. The first four picks are quarterbacks, with the Bears selecting Caleb Williams. Washington selects a Heisman Trophy winner, while the Patriots get a talented QB from North Carolina. The … Read more

NFL Power Rankings: 10 most important figures to determine the Super Bowl LVIII champ – Yahoo Sports

“Key Figures in the NFL: Ranking the 10 Most Influential Factors in Deciding the Super Bowl LVIII Champion – Yahoo Sports” In the Super Bowl LVIII, the most crucial figures aside from the quarterbacks and head coaches are Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Pacheco, San Francisco 49ers’ tight end Kittle, Chiefs’ receiver Rice, Chiefs’ defensive … Read more

DOJ: Four-time Super Bowl champ owes more than $15M in back taxes

NFL legend Bill Romanowski appears to be in some serious trouble with the federal government. A civil complaint that was filed by the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday alleges that Romanowski and his wife Julie owe more than $15 million in back taxes. In the 18-page filing, which was obtained by Mike Klis of … Read more