Pro Bowl LB’s contract extension is most important move of Jaguars’ busy offseason

Contract Extension of Pro Bowl LB is Top Priority for Jaguars in Busy Offseason The Jacksonville Jaguars signed star linebacker Josh Allen to a huge five-year, $150M contract, marking a significant move for both Allen and the team. The Jaguars have had a busy offseason, losing star wide receiver Calvin Ridley but adding several key … Read more

Von Miller, Bills agree to reworked contract in most significant move of busy day

Von Miller and the Bills reach an agreement on revised contract in major deal on eventful day The Buffalo Bills made significant moves on Wednesday, including restructuring Von Miller’s contract to save over $8 million in cap space. This move, along with other cost-cutting releases, has helped the team get out of a $40 million … Read more

Ravens News 2/13: Busy Offseason

“Ravens Offseason Update: 2/13 Recap of Team Activity” The article discusses various aspects of the Baltimore Ravens team, including the need to learn from the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win and the importance of avoiding turnovers for quarterback Lamar Jackson. It also highlights the defensive dominance of the 2000 Ravens, the team’s positional needs … Read more