Brotherly ties, Ravens connection laid foundation for Michigan’s championship defense

“Michigan’s Championship Defense Built on Brotherly Ties and Ravens Connection” A private plane carrying Michigan football supporters encountered stormy weather on its way to the national championship game in Houston. The supporters, including the Baltimore Ravens head coach, arrived late but were excited to see Michigan’s victory. The success of Michigan’s defense was attributed to … Read more

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa has surprising take on the Brotherly Shove

Nick Bosa, 49ers defensive end, shares unexpected opinion on the Brotherly Shove 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa recently gave his surprising take on the “Brotherly Shove” advertisement. Bosa mentioned that he actually thought the ad was funny and understood the intention behind it. He explained that as players, they have to have thick skin and … Read more

Steelers add to their list of brotherly duos during Day 3 of 2023 NFL Draft

While it was the unofficial song of the 1979 world champion Pittsburgh Pirates, the hit ’70s song “We Are Family” certainly applies to Mike Tomlin’s Steelers. Pittsburgh once again reunited a pair of brothers during Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft when they acquired former Wisconsin pass rusher Nick Herbig with the 132nd overall … Read more