Ravens’ 24th straight preseason win clinched a $93K win on bettor’s 12-team parlay

Imagine having more than $93,000 riding on the third- and fourth-string players for the Baltimore Ravens in the final minutes of a preseason game.

One bettor cared way more about the outcome of a preseason game than anyone involved in it. At BetMGM, a bettor played a 12-leg parlay that included 11 MLB games and the Ravens on the moneyline against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Then the 11 baseball games hit. Suddenly a $250 bet — used with a bonus bet, on top of it all — was alive for a $93,170.44 payout, at odds of slightly better than 372-to-1. All he or she needed was the Ravens to win on Saturday night. Why the Ravens? It’s probably because they had won 23 preseason games in a row.

Even though the Ravens are a strangely bankable asset in the preseason, they didn’t play starters on Saturday night. Josh Johnson started at quarterback, and you might not have even realized he was Lamar Jackson‘s backup until kickoff. The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t play many starters either.

So a payout of more than $93,000 was riding on backups, then third- and fourth-stringers who might not even make a practice squad at the end of the month.

By preseason standards, it was an entertaining game. The Eagles took a 13-7 lead but Ravens kicker Justin Tucker hit a 60-yard field goal at the end of the half to cut the lead to 13-10. Those would end up being important points.

The Ravens scored the first 10 points of the second half and the parlay bettor must have felt great. Until, with a little more than seven minutes left, fourth-string quarterback Anthony Brown threw a pick-six to undrafted cornerback Eli Ricks. That made the score 20-19.

The Eagles went for two after that touchdown, because it’s the preseason so why not. Their pass was incomplete, which was great for the parlay bettor. But he or she still had more than seven minutes left in the game for a legendary sweat. And the Ravens immediately went three-and-out.

The Eagles got to their own 44-yard line but the drive stalled. There was a third-down sack and on fourth down Philly went for it, but the pass from Ian Book to Trey Sermon was incomplete. On third-and-11 after the two-minute warning, Brown ran for 16 yards for a crucial first down. The Ravens picked up one more first down after than and killed the rest of the clock.

The Ravens had their 24th straight preseason win, an NFL record, and a bettor had the betting win of a lifetime.

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