“Overrated” Sammy Watkins With Another Ridiculous Play In Practice

Hey ESPN…FACED! I don’t care that it’s practice and it’s against a no-name guy, it’s just awesome.  Hey Sammy, you just keep doing you. P.S. Swag About these ads

About these ads

ESPN Doing It Big Again: Puts Picture of Tony Stewart On Twitter For Tweet About Kevin Ward Jr’s Funeral

Does anyone actually proofread this stuff before it hits the interwebs?   Yikes.  Looks like ESPN got their guys all mixed up this morning.  Not sure who is who in this situation but… Continue reading

Comcast Keeps Kid On Hold For Three Hours Until They’d Closed For The Day To Keep Him From Canceling His Service

Hey Aaron, how dumb are you to stay on the phone for three hours? Via Yahoo: The hits just keep coming for Comcast. It was bad enough when Ryan Block recorded the infamous customer service call from hell… Continue reading

Suspended Michigan Wide Receiver Lands Vicious Punch To Unsuspecting Man

Man, what would have lead him to do this?  Oh right, his buddy was having an argument with the victim over hockey.  Seems like a good reason to break a guys face. Safe… Continue reading

Updated Thoughts On The Tony Stewart/ Kevin Ward Jr Incident From This Weekend

I wanted to take enough time to figure this thing out.  First off, thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin Ward Jr.’s family.  Terrible thing to happen to such a young kid.  But… Continue reading

Manny Machado Left Last Night’s Game With A Knee Injury. MRI Scheduled for 10am.

Could not have come at a worse time for the Baltimore Orioles. Via Baltimore Sun: Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was able to walk without help after Monday night’s game against the New York… Continue reading

Late to the game: Jason Sudeikis Returns As Coach Lasso For NBC Premier League Soccer

Coach Lasso coming in H.O.T. as the new analyst for NBC Premier League Soccer. Love it, want more of it.  In all seriousness they should probably have Sudeikis do spots every couple of… Continue reading

Oh Hey, Sammy Watkins With Another One Handed Catch in Bills Camp

Hey ESPN, take your overrated tag and get the hell out of my face. Mark it down, Sammy Watkins is going to be a force in this league.  He’s going to be really… Continue reading

Eli and Peyton Manning’s Direct TV Fantasy Football Music Video Is Scorching Hot

If I didn’t already get the Sunday Ticket I would have purchased it immediately after watching this video.  Just too much fire for one music video. You might want to call Peyton and… Continue reading

Tony Stewart Struck A Driver At A Sprint Car Race Last Night (Graphic Video)

Just woke up to this.  Crazy story coming out of Canada Via ESPN: NASCAR driver Tony Stewart struck and killed a sprint car driver who had climbed from his car and was on the… Continue reading