Joe Maddon Is Leaving The Tampa Bay Rays and that’s a Big Deal

Via MLB Trade Rumors: Rays manager Joe Maddon has opted out of his contract with the Rays and will be leaving the team, Buster Olney of reports on Twitter. The move comes… Continue reading

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New Beard Off for Cancer Logo equals HOT FIRE on a Friday

If that doesn’t want to make you Beard Off for the next two months, maybe this will… Prep school face like a mug right there. Seriously though, we need beard growers and we… Continue reading

The Beard Off for Cancer is Back! Who wants to grow a beard for a good cause?

And before you get all worked up, I know it’s last year’s image. Can’t pimp the new one until it’s right. But seriously, who wants in? Raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund,… Continue reading

Who Flopped Worse, Tom Brady or Dwayne Wade

Flop City, population douche bags.

I Think Steve Smith Sr. Perfectly Summed Up His Feelings About the Carolina Panthers In This Video

Ravens beat up Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers yesterday and Steve Smith Sr. had a day against his old team. I imagine this one felt pretty damn good when it was all… Continue reading

South Park Tackles The Washington Redskins/ Dan Snyder Fiasco

I need more and I need it now. My South Park game is weak and I’m the first to admit it but you can’t help but appreciate what they are doing here. Not… Continue reading

Cam Newton’s Post Game Outfit Was Absolutely Ridiculous

Are those straight up stretch pants? Dwayne Wade City, bro. Look, I may not have been blogging for a while but this has to be addressed. I’m all for pushing the fashion envelope… Continue reading

Roger Goodell And The Mess He’s Created For The NFL

He shouldn’t be running the NFL because honestly, no one is going to trust him or believe him the next time something happens like this, and believe me, things like this are going to happen.  It’s time for the NFL to start fresh with a new person in charge of the most powerful professional sports league in America.

Keith Olbermann Reminded Us How Obnoxious The NFL and Roger Goodell are again last night.

Just listen to the first two minutes of this video over and over again and tell me how Goodell hasn’t already been fired.  If not for his terrible decision making during the Ray… Continue reading

This Morning the NFL says it couldn’t get the tape that TMZ obtained from New Jersey State Police

I guess $10 billion in revenue doesn’t go as far as I thought it would.