What Is This Sport, And Why Don’t I Play It?

  Seriously, I had to look it up because it blew my mind.  Soccer ball, dribbling, fake kicking and a goalkeeper?  What. The. Fuck?  Thankfully, Wikipedia has me covered.  It’s Gaelic Football, and… Continue reading

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Big Papi, David Ortiz, Was On Saturday Night Live

  So, maybe it wasn’t actually Big Papi, but it was pretty damn good.  Keenan Thompson just throwing on a fake beard, a gold chain and his best Dominican accent.  Granted I couldn’t… Continue reading

ESPN’s Boston Strong Piece Is A 100% Tearjerker

That’s all.  Just watch. That is some kind of uncut, not quite sure if it’s any good version. To watch the ESPN piece, click on the link below.  Either way if it doesn’t… Continue reading

John Farrell Is Not Happy With MLB’s Instant Replay, Not Happy At All.

  First let’s set the stage.  Saturday night the Red Sox looked to overturn a call at second base, where it looked like the Yankees player’s foot came off the bag as he… Continue reading

Youth Basketball Player Nails “Lebroning” With This Flop

  Grade A Lebroning right there.  Just let the man come to you, hesitate for a second, then act like you just got smacked by a hurricane.  Offensive foul, going the other way.… Continue reading

Johnny Football Is Making It Hard For NFL Teams To Overlook Him

Via Source: As a student at Texas A&M Johnny Manziel hardly got the full experience, opting to take nearly all of his classes online following his Heisman Trophy victory in 2012. But it appears that… Continue reading

At Least Michael Pineda Isn’t Cheating At Baseball

  Yeah it probably was just dirt.  Nothing to see here people, just keep moving along like the pitcher for the New York Yankees wasn’t straight up cheating last night.  I mean unless… Continue reading

Derrick Gordon Becomes First Openly Gay Division 1 Men’s Basketball Player

Via ESPN: Derrick Gordon, a sophomore starter for the University of Massachusetts men’s basketball team, stepped forward Wednesday as the first openly gay player in Division I men’s college basketball, sharing his story with ESPN and… Continue reading

Does This Get Your Man Card Revoked?

Does this A. make him the worst, or B. make him more female than male?  Trick question because the answer is 3. ALL OF THE ABOVE.  Look, kudos for him for showing up… Continue reading

Is this the best cardboard sign of all time?

  The answer is yes. There is no debate over this and there never will be. A dominatrix and 94 beers seems to be a recipe for success. Can’t imagine a situation where… Continue reading