NFL playoff race: Dolphins and Ravens throw down for No 1 seed and bye

Dolphins and Ravens battle for top seed and playoff bye in NFL race The regular NFL season is wrapping up and the playoff race is heating up. The game of the week features the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, with both teams vying for the top seed in the playoffs. Miami’s high-powered offense, led by … Read more

Dan Marino wishes he could play in today’s NFL: “We’d throw for 6,000 yards”

Dan Marino longs for the opportunity to shine in the present-day NFL: “Imagining a Whopping 6,000 Passing Yards!” Dan Marino, who threw for a record 5,084 yards in 1984, believes that if he were playing in today’s more passing-friendly NFL, he could have thrown for 6,000 yards in a season. The current NFL record for … Read more