Dak Prescott knows “People are gonna think it’s crazy” he was sedated 11 hours for a tattoo

Dak Prescott Acknowledges That Being Sedated for 11 Hours for a Tattoo May Sound Unusual Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott underwent an 11-hour sedation this offseason to get an enormous tattoo on his leg. Prescott admits that getting such a tattoo is not normal but says he is crazy and not afraid of anything. Cowboys … Read more

From Purdy to Rodgers: the most important people in the new NFL season

The Key Figures in the Upcoming NFL Season: Transitioning from Purdy to Rodgers The content discusses the pressure and expectations surrounding five key figures in the NFL. It mentions Brock Purdy as the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback, with expectations for him to lead the team to success. Robert Saleh, head coach of the New … Read more

Errick Miron, formerly known as Ricky Williams, wants people to empathize with Grizzlies’ Ja Morant

Former NFL star running back Errick Miron, previously known as Ricky Williams before changing his name in 2022, dealt with his fair share of off-the-field issues during his NFL career. Miron was suspended multiple times for failed drug tests during his NFL career. Miron spoke from that position of experience during a recent appearance on The … Read more