Madden NFL 24 Super Bowl simulation, DB when MVP against former team

Madden NFL 24 Super Bowl Simulation: Defensive Back Wins MVP Against Former Team Super Bowl LVIII is anticipated to be a historic game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Madden NFL predicts a 10-6 win for the 49ers, with the 49ers defense performing strongly and securing a victory. A late interception by … Read more

Madden believes the Cowboys will find a way to get it done against Green Bay

Madden is confident the Cowboys will prevail against Green Bay The Dallas Cowboys are entering the playoffs with a lot of pressure and expectations. They need to perform at their best as there is no room for error in the playoffs. Despite many people believing they will win against the Green Bay Packers, anything can … Read more

Madden believes the Cowboys win this week in rather dramatic fashion

Madden Predicts a Dramatic Victory for the Cowboys This Week The Dallas Cowboys have reached the end of the regular season, with a chance to become NFC East winners and the #2 seed in the conference with a win over the Washington Commanders. A Madden simulation predicts a win for the Cowboys, but it also … Read more