Three hottest seats on the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins’ Top 3 Hot Seats In 2023, the Miami Dolphins had their best season in 15 years, winning 11 games but were considered pretenders due to struggles against strong teams and key injuries in the playoffs. Looking ahead to 2024, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa faces scrutiny for his performance in critical situations and against winning … Read more

AFC head-coaching Satisfaction Index: Does Patriots’ Bill Belichick have hottest seat?

Assessing AFC Head-Coaching Satisfaction: Is Bill Belichick’s Position with the Patriots in Jeopardy? The NFL head-coaching Satisfaction Index is provided by Yardbarker, assessing the level of satisfaction for all 16 AFC teams’ head coaches. Teams like the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are doing well and are satisfied with their coaches, while the New York … Read more